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half time

HALF TIME is inspired by the repetition and form of a zipper. Zippers were originally designed for kids to easily dress themselves. In this collection, hundreds of 3D printed zipper parts were created and hand sewn to reference a classic textile closure. As oversized objects, the repetition of each zipper tooth is conceptual while maintaining functionality.

Halftime is a pivotal point in a sporting event—teams come together, evaluate strategy, and “change things up” to push forward. Inspired by silhouettes and materials from sportswear, uniforms, and outdoor gear, HALF TIME creates the same attitude shift that halftime does during a sporting event—when classic apparel techniques evolve to change trends. 

SS / 2020 : NYFW


Photographer: Mackenzie Kaufman  ​

Models: Callee Jo McCosby, Andrea Ross, Rachel Rusk 

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