My name is Margaret Garrison, a graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Fibers and Textiles with a focus in apparel design. I am based in Baltimore, but am originally from Seattle, Washington. I am interested in exploring different methods of incorporating digital fabrication techniques with traditional garment techniques. I am passionate about hand dyeing, digital textile printing, material experimentation, and product development.

I enjoy many aspects of apparel design from sketching, to sampling, making, prototyping, hand techniques, patterning, and sewing, packaging design, and branding just to name a few.


While most people are inspired by haute couture and runway fashion, the general public buys practical clothing. Margaret combines these two worlds of apparel by utilizing materials in unconventional forms. Her most recent bodies of work involve garments designed for the wearer to express, and feel confident in themselves while exhibiting the beauty of sculpture and handmade elements in fashion. In a market driven by fast fashion, Margaret uses those familiar trends and silhouettes as foundations, but incorporates fine art and sculpture for the runway. 


Margaret’s final designs do not begin with a fully finished sketch, but begin with an element of inspiration; this  informs the rest of the design by her reacting to materials, surfaces, patterns, or form. Through prototyping and experimenting with non-traditional methods of making, Margaret does not disregard mistakes or samples, but instead finds use for them as building blocks for innovation.

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