"because who wants to create something just for it to be hung in a closet?"


I am a designer, fabricator, and maker who loves to share joy and instill confidence in others through apparel design. I enjoy all steps of the creative process that go into bringing garments and accessories to life. I studied apparel design at the Maryland Institute College of Art, graduating with a BFA in fibers and textiles. 


I am always striving to push my work in new directions by incorporating custom fabrics with my own digital prints, hand dying custom colors, laser cutting various materials to create sculptures on the body, and 3D printing components for each look. Whether you are wearing my garments, or viewing them on the runway, I hope they bring you as much joy as I had making them. 


Backpacking, canoeing, hiking, running, and skiing are all ways that I love to challenge myself. 


Being in a shop making cutting boards, wall art, and using CNC machines to build is also a creative outlet of mine. 


Decorating cakes and cupcakes is another one of my favorite creative outlets. 


I was born in Guangzhou, China, grew up in Seattle, WA, spent my summers in Wisconsin (Go Packers), and currently reside in Baltimore, MD.


Sightseeing, trying new foods, meeting new people, and immersing myself into new places are a few things I love about traveling.


While most people are inspired by haute couture and runway fashion, the general public buys practical clothing. Margaret combines these two worlds of apparel by utilizing materials in unconventional forms. Her most recent bodies of work involve garments designed for the wearer to express, and feel confident in themselves while exhibiting the beauty of sculpture and handmade elements in fashion. In a market driven by fast fashion, Margaret uses those familiar trends and silhouettes as foundations, but incorporates fine art and sculpture for the runway. 


Margaret’s final designs do not begin with a fully finished sketch, but begin with an element of inspiration; this informs the rest of the design with her reacting to materials, surfaces, patterns, or form. Through prototyping and experimenting with non-traditional methods of making, Margaret does not disregard mistakes or samples, but instead finds use for them as building blocks for innovation.


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