sewing  |  hand dyeing  |  digital printing on textile |  digital fabrication

Pique is a line that aims to blur the boundaries between sculpture and

ready- to- wear. Although consumers often buy practical clothing, they are more inspired by elaborate fashion. This collection uses geometric shapes and lines of color to emphasize design, architecture, and structural shadows.


Each look is designed in response to material capabilities and highlights tactility and texture in unconventional applications. Pique is a collection designed to challenge how traditional garments are built around and for the body.

MICA's Annual Benefit Fashion Show: HUEMAN SS17

MICA Annual Benefit Fashion Show | 2017 

Photographer: Jonathan Chen and Andrew Copeland

Makeup: Kiley Mcartney and Shadi Jahelka

Models: Shannon Dagon, Shadi Jahelka, Mac Kauffman, Justine Kim, Robin Krupnick, Cathy Lin, Callee McCosby, Rachel Rusk