sewing  |  hand dyeing  |  digital printing on textile |  3D printing    

3D modeling  |  laser cutting  |  patterning

These garments are a celebration of form, texture, movement, and change that can be achieved through material experimentation. By incorporating digital fabrication, hardware, and machining techniques, clothing can stray away from traditional fiber techniques and drapery. These familiar geometric shapes are used to question what we know about mechanical parts and connections. Using familiar silhouettes seen in fast fashion she then incorporates fine art and sculpture to distance her work from corporate design.  


Contrasting with traditional runway fashion, MAETIAY PART II, transitions in to streetwear uniforms inspired by labor and hardware. The function of jumpsuits and outerwear mixed with colors alludes playful confidence. MAETIAY is a line designed for the wearer to enjoy function and transformation to fulfill the movement that machines and garments are made for by contrasting two sides of the apparel design world.

MAETIAY is a phonetic spelling of the french word “métier” meaning occupation, or trade in which one excels. With a passion for apparel design and creating, these garments stay true to the human form and laborious techniques of manufacturing, but with a twist.


FW / 2019: DC Fashion Week

MICA Experimental Fashion Show | April 21, 2018

Photographer: Suzanne Sferrazza and Landon Green 

Makeup: Kiley Mcartney and Shadi Jahelka

Models: Robin Krupnick, Mackenzie Kaufman, Murjoni Merriweather,

Regan Dunleavey, Iris Lee, Shadi Jahelka, Callee McCosby, 

Merel Ververs-Spiegel, Andrea Patrice, Kathy Guo